Short Stories

Caroline Shepard’s short fiction has appeared in some of Canada’s best literary journals (see note below*). To date, the issues containing her stories are not archived online. Back issues are available through the links provided.  Have a look at the journal websites. They make for excellent reading!

The following previously published stories are included in Off Centre (Oberon 2004):

Snakes, Like Stars, Amaze Me
Queen’s Quarterly, 1996, Vol.103, Number 1

Off Centre
Grain Magazine, 1996, Volume 23, Number 3

Addie Holds Herself Sideways
Room of One’s Own, 1997, Vol. 20:2

Once a Tourist
Prairie Fire, 1997, Vol. 18, No.3

Another two published stories were not included in Off Centre. They will appear soon as pdf  files on this website.

Magazine, 1994, Volume 22, Number 2

Missing Pieces”
The Antigonish Review
, 2001, No. 127

[ *a note about Canadian literary quarterlies:
While not widely known, these journals have always provided one very critical element in Canada’s vibrant national, regional, and local culture. They are available online, in most bookstores, and at quality newsstands.  Their pages are filled with leading edge short fiction, poetry, creative non fiction, commentary, criticism, art and photography. They publish well established writers as well as emerging writers. For the latter group, emerging writers like Caroline, publishing in these journals has proven to be an invaluable apprenticeship. As with many of this country’s finest independent bookstores and small presses, literary journals struggle to stay alive in a publishing climate driven almost exclusively by a top heavy
marketplace obsessed with the bestseller. CS]